The present economy is stated to be quite beneficial for start-ups. There has been a visible increase in the number of start-ups. But do all of them survive? The answer to it is NO. However, compared to the statistics of the past, the survival ratio of start-ups has increased and one of the major reasons behind it is small businesses strengthening their online presence via Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing proves to be quite beneficial for businesses. However, small businesses still hesitate to adopt it at the initial stage as they do not find it fruitful. However, If you want your business to flourish, then don’t let such procrastinations come your way as Digital marketing is the door that leads your business to the path of success. No matter, the scale of your business is big or small, Digital Marketing is for you.


There goes a lot of effort in launching your brand and establishing it in the market. If you are new in the business, then your first goal should be to make customers aware of your product or service. Also, there are unlikely chances that you will not have any competitors (unless your product or service is patented). So, how would you make way through those established competitors to reach the customers? Of course, you can resort to distributing pamphlets, putting up billboards, etc., but all these methods have a limited reach. If you want greater output, then you need to opt for methods that provide far more accessibility.

Marketing through multiple digital channels is what you need to do to reach a larger market. Why? Because the majority of the global population spend most of their time on the internet. Hence, instead of advertising locally and getting noticed by only a few customers you can advertise on the internet and get more attention.


Big brands have realized the power of online marketing and have been earnestly harnessing various digital marketing platforms to grow. However, digital marketing does not only benefit them, but it also offers equal opportunities to small businesses. Internet levels the field for all; hence, if you employ the right tactics then you are here to stay.

Let’s see how small business can benefit from digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing helps you connect with the customers on the Internet

Over the past two decades, internet has revolutionized our lifestyle. Humans are dependent on the internet for most of their work, which means you will find far more people on the internet to whom you can pitch your product or service.

Advertising the product is just half the work done, you need to support it with great web presence which includes building websites, creating blogs, articles, social media marketing (we can provide link of previous blog), etc. Studies reveal that around 80% of customers will actually search for your company online before thinking of buying the product or service offered by you. If they do not find your website or anything legitimate about your brand online, they will not proceed further. However, if you have invested correctly in digital marketing, then it is likely that your visitor might turn into your customer.


The Internet has a global reach, making the world a smaller place. Marketing your products on various digital platforms lets you connect with customers worldwide. Thus, you can operate from a single room and still reach your customers residing at a far different location on the earth.

Thus, building up a website and advertising on various digital platforms can help you reach customers located in a remote location without being physically present there. And believe me, it will cost you much less than traditional marketing tactics. Digital marketing opens you to a large marketplace wherein you have the liberty to scan through your audience and strategize accordingly.


It becomes very important for businesses to engage their customers to ensure brand loyalty. You cannot stop new competitors from entering the market, but you can very well ensure that your customers stay with you even if others pop up. Surprisingly, it is possible, if you opt for digital marketing tools that provide customer engagement.

Digital marketing lets you connect with customers and understand their requirements. Small businesses with limited customers can channel it towards their growth by having a conversation with their customers, understanding their needs, and constantly following up. If you make your customers feel ‘important’, they will certainly extend their loyalty towards you.


The Internet works like a big shopping complex wherein you can choose a place for your business and let visitors see and approach you. If they find your offerings interesting, then it is likely that they will buy them. But how will you ensure your visibility? To make sure that you are noticed in the crowd, it is necessary to employ good digital marketing strategies and have a strong social media presence that could drive in traffic.

Unlike big brands, small businesses have a streamlined process that caters to specific goods and products. The more customized is your approach, the more is the tendency to attract customers. Thus, small businesses have a slight advantage over their bigger counterparts as they can easily modify their approach as per customer requirements. The Internet serves as a platform where you can express your ideas and gain customer attention. It lets you understand the market, learn about your competitors and stand alongside with big corporates.

A lot of work goes behind marking your presence amidst some well-established brands. Digital Marketing makes things a lot easy by leveling the playfield for everyone. With the right strategy, you can pitch your product and even get noticed. Remember, some good marketing tactics can make all the difference.

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