Launched in the year 2003, the tiny professional networking site LinkedIn with time has become a great place for marketing and generating leads. Not a usual entertainment social media channel like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is more about making professional connections. Hence, if you are looking for some serious business, then you must explore this platform where reside over 300 million professionals.

When it comes to social media marketing, LinkedIn might not come in the top five platforms that we may think of for online marketing but the fact is that it is one of the most powerful tools for Digital Marketing for businesses. How? Well, this blog is all about how you can use LinkedIn to generate more leads and grow your business.

LinkedIn serves as a platform to form connections, and strike professional conversations with like-minded people. And if you thought that the use of LinkedIn is limited to finding jobs, then you are ignoring one important aspect of this widely popular platform which is content. The platform is highly visited for the content it provides and is rather more trusted than other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Hence, if your business has a strong presence on LinkedIn, then it is likely that your brand value will be high.

LinkedIn works as a great social media marketing channel for B2B businesses looking for prospective customers as it is one of the most reliable spaces where professionals are likely to seek informative content. Thus, If you are a B2B business and are looking for some compelling social media strategy for your brand, then LinkedIn is the right place for you.
Haven’t ventured into LinkedIn yet? Here are some tips that can help you in starting fresh.


For people to find you on LinkedIn you must have a page there that sums up your complete professional profile. A LinkedIn account can help you keep up your professional stature by enabling you to post videos and content, and also connect with influencers and other important people. However, you need to make sure that the page does not look boring. Use eye-catchy images and content that make your page livelier. Also, avoid bombarding the visitor with just every information about your company. Your purpose of creating a page on LinkedIn or any other social media site is to generate leads and for that, you need to be creative. Put up content that leads to action and prompts conversion.


Interaction is the key to get leads via social media marketing, and the same goes for LinkedIn. After creating a LinkedIn page for your company, the next thing is to connect with the prospective connections. If you want to get most of social media marketing through LinkedIn then you need to make an effort to connect with the industry leaders, influencers as well as parallel companies to get a know-how of what is happening around. You not only need to make connections but also have to interact with them. Read what they are posting, like, comment and share their content, the efforts you put in will be returned. Besides, you will get much more to learn from them. Your social activity and connections will give you a good amount of brownie points increasing your credibility among the users.


Social media marketing does not mean that you need to just post content now and then. It refers to curating adequate content for your target audience. LinkedIn as a social media marketing channel is quite different from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. While Facebook and others are more casual, LinkedIn is a bit professional in its approach. The users here are searching for something relevant and are not just passing time, hence it becomes essential to look into what they want. It is easy to identify your target audience on the social media platform and learn a lot about them by looking at their interests, skills, etc., which can help you build content accordingly.


The whole purpose of social media marketing is to connect with the audience and bring them closer to your brand. The more you interact with your audience, the more your audience gets to know you and feel connected. The ease of access that your business gets on platforms like LinkedIn makes it easy for you to keep your customers close to you by providing them interesting content to read and doing regular follow-ups. It makes your customers feel highly valued.


Businesses who are smart with their content, tend to get more audience compared to others. Yes, if you want that the visitor going through your post does not bounce back but stays and fulfills the purpose of the content, then you must come up with innovative and engaging content that is relevant to your business. Create posts that arouse visitors’ interest in your company and they want to know more about it. Here, you need not overlook the importance of SEO and keywords. Make the content SEO friendly so that your prospects are easily able to find what they are looking for.

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted sites among professionals. Investing some time in it can prove to be quite beneficial for you, hence push up your marketing game with LinkedIn.

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