Google AdWords Ad extensions can greatly impact your PPC Marketing Campaign. You have likely been spending quite a lot in your PPC marketing campaign; to make better use of the money invested, add in ad extensions to the Google AdWords. These provide additional information about your ad campaign to the searchers and make it easy for them to analyze whether the sponsored ad is relevant to them or not.

Types of ad extensions

You can consolidate your PPC Marketing campaign by using ad extensions that are of various types. Different ad extensions for Google AdWords can help you in different ways. Here is the list of the types of Ad extensions for Google AdWords and how you can use them to enhance your PPC marketing campaign:

  1. Sitelink Extensions
  2. Call extensions
  3. Callout Extensions
  4. Location Extensions
  5. Review Extensions
  6. App Extensions
  7. Price Extensions
  8. Message Extensions
  9. Promotion extensions

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions let you add in links of different pages of your website that you think might be helpful for your ad, along with the main text. These links can direct the searcher to a specific location that he might be looking for. For example, if you are an online clothing store, you can add in sitelinks like clothes for men, clothes for women, etc. that direct the searcher to the page that they might be interested in. One can add a minimum of two and a maximum of eight sitelinks in a Google ad.

Call Extensions

As the name suggests, call extensions enable a visitor to call you with a single click. As people today are always on the go, they mostly use mobiles for surfing the internet wherein getting all the details might be difficult. Call extensions make it easy for them to directly connect with you and get details of what they are looking for. Hence, if they are searching online and come across something relevant, they can directly make a call to understand further rather than going through the pain of visiting the website and reading everything. For example, if you are running a gift shop, you can add in your phone number so that the visitor can directly connect with you, resolve his queries and book a product.

Callout Extensions

To stand out among others, it is necessary to highlight the areas of your expertise which can be done through Callout extensions. Adding callout extensions to your Google AdWords makes it easy for you to showcase how different you are from your competitors. For example, if you provide home delivery services or are open 24*7, you can add the specifications in your callout extensions. One can create a maximum of 10 callout extensions for Google ads.

Review Extensions

Reviews matter a lot for businesses, as they can make or break your image. The decisions of your customers are quite dependent on the reviews that your business has generated in the past. Impressive reviews can help you get more customers so why not put them at good use. Review extensions in your Google AdWords can direct the customers to the review page where they can see the reviews that you have got and make a decision.

Location Extensions

If you are selling products or services via a physical store, then it becomes important to tell searchers about your store location. Thus, if your store is possibly out of reach for them, they will not unnecessarily click on your ad, saving you the expense of a click. Also, if you are selling through numerous vendors in various locations, then you can make use of affiliate location extensions that let people know the details of the vendors selling your products.

App Extensions

If you offer some mobile applications as well, then you can make use of App extensions. Clicking on app extensions will direct the visitors to a particular app store from where they can download your app. It acts as an additional element to your Google Add and enhances your PPC marketing campaign.

Price Extensions

Price Extensions highlight the cost of your products or services, thus attracting visitors. If visitors feel that they are being offered a fair deal, they can click on the price extension from where they will be directed to your website featuring the product or service. After going through the details, they can buy it from your website. These extensions are quite useful for e-commerce companies.

Message Extensions

Message extensions like call extensions let online searchers connect with you but in this case through messages. Adding message extensions helps mobile users easily connect with you and get all the details that they are looking for.

Promotion extensions

If you are offering some deals that are related to the sponsored ad that you are featuring, then you can make use of promotion extensions. These showcase the current promotional deals that you are offering, further enhancing your ad and making it easier for the online searchers to make a decision. Promotion extensions can be quite fruitful for businesses seeking improved sales.

So, these were different types of ad extensions that you can include in your Google AdWords to make it easy for the searchers to understand what you are advertising.

Ad extensions for Google AdWords can help you a lot in effectively running your PPC marketing campaign, however, you need to think wisely before picking up one. Give a thought on what your ad is about and which ad extension will enhance it further. You can use more than one ad extension for your Google AdWord but do not overstuff it. Share information that is relevant and will generate positive results.

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