Are you running a PPC campaign to garner more leads and sales? Is your campaign giving you results? Are you happy with the results being generated? If your answer for the last two questions is negative then you need to rethink your PPC Marketing strategy.

PPC marketing is a great tool to boost your sales. You need to be smart enough with your PPC ad campaigns to get valuable returns on the investment made. Google accounts for more than 80% of the revenue generated through sponsored ads. As such you can earn profits by carefully curating your Google Ad campaigns. However, some PPC efforts are not that fruitful compared to others. Why? Because they lack a crucial element that can determine the success of the ad campaign. This important constituent of Google AdWords that we are talking about is nothing but Ad extensions. Ad extensions let you describe your ads in detail to attract the attention of the readers.

What are Ad Extensions?

Ad extensions are add-in elements that enhance your Google AdWords by providing more information to the reader. These ad extensions give your sponsored ads an edge over others by sharing additional information that might be helpful for the searcher.  As the readers get more clarity about what you are advertising about, they can easily decide on whether they should click your ad or not. Thus, ad extensions not only help in getting more clicks but also help in filtering out vague clicks, saving you a lot of money.

Does Adding Ad Extension to Google Adwords Cost Extra?

While adding ad extensions to Google AdWords can give you numerous benefits, you will be surprised to know that including the ad extensions does not cost you an extra dime. You can use up the ad space effectively by filling in the necessary information and sharing extra details that will benefit you without being charged extra. For example, if you have sitelink extensions in your sponsored ad, then clicking on the main ad or any sitelink extension will cost you the same.

How to setup Ad Extensions for Google Adwords?

By now, you would be clear about what google AdWords Ad Extensions are. But how will you set them up in your sponsored ad? Here is the process by which you can easily set up ad extensions in your Google ad and make it much more appealing to the visitors.

  • Start the process by logging in to your Google Ads account.
  • Thereafter, choose the ad campaign to which you want to add the ad extensions
  • Next, click on the Ad and Extensions tab on the left panel
  • Once the tab opens, click on extensions on the top menu bar
  • Thereafter, to add a new extension, click the “+” sign
  • Now, a list of different types of ad extensions will appear that you can choose from
  • Once you click on a particular ad extension, a pop up will appear describing the function of the extension along with some questions
  • Fill in the details required to set up the extension
  • You can see how your ad will look in the preview generated by Google
  • Once you are done, click on the save button and the extension will be added to your Google Ad.


We have talked a lot about ad extensions and their advantages, but how do they benefit your PPC marketing campaign? Want to know how Ad extensions can benefit your ad campaign?  Below mentioned are the ways in which Ad extensions can prove to be valuable for your PPC ad campaign.


Adding different extensions in your Google Ads lets you share important information that you want your readers to know before they click on your ad. You can add in sitelinks to differentiate your product categories, or add review extensions that can help readers get a glance of your service expertise. Adding additional information gives them a clarity of your ad and bring in quality traffic to your website.


Going the traditional two-liner ad description way may not give you the results that you are looking for, as the searcher’s attention will be grabbed by those ads that give clarity about the business. Adding in different kinds of ad extensions helps you in sharing more details about your business, that searchers are likely looking for. For example, adding call extensions or message extensions prompts immediate action from a searcher, improving the CTR (Click-through-rate).


The ranking of your Google ad depends on two factors which its quality score and cost per click. Adding in ad extensions to your Google Ad improves its quality score which directly affects its ranking. Thus, if you want to see your Google Ad on the top of search results, then make use of ad extensions that give you improved results without charging any extra amount.


Online searchers are always in a rush, and the last thing they would want is to click on an ad that is irrelevant or untrustworthy. One would take action, only if they feel that the ad put up is genuine and clicking on it will give them some positive result. Adding location or review extensions in the ad gives the searchers an idea about your business. Once they feel that the add is genuine and relevant, they will click on your ad to know more. Adding in minute details through ad extensions consolidates the authenticity of your sponsored ad, thus positively impacting your PPC marketing campaign.

PPC marketing comes with a lot of tips and tricks, but of these, the most effective one is enhancing your Google AdWords with Ad extensions. Adding such extensions to your Google Ad improves its quality score and attracts customers which leads to an improved CTR, resulting in better lead generation and increased sales. Ad extensions can be easily incorporated in your ad and give visible results. So, try them now!

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