Businesses have ventured into the digital marketing space to increase their reach to the target audience. They have been investing heavily in content marketing, SEO as well as SMM to increase their visibility on the internet. But what if the increased visibility does not result in a high conversion rate? With no increase in ROI, your digital marketing efforts are going in vain.

Digital marketing is incomplete without an effective CTA (Call-To-Action). Yes, no matter how crisp your content is and how relevant it is for your target audience, you will not get results without inbuilt CTA’s (blog 10) in the content.

A Call-To-Action button comprises a phrase that is sometime

s accompanied by an image indicating your visitors what they have to do next. Without CTA your audience will be unaware of what requires to be done in your post and will bounce back. Hence, you must have CTA’s in your content which guides the audience to take a particular course of action.

An effective CTA button can increase the conversion rate, bringing you sales which is your ultimate goal as a business. However, just creating one, without putting in any thoughts will do little for you. If you expect clicks from the audience you need to come up with a smart CTA button design that gets the attention of the visitors and entices them to click. Follow the below-mentioned process to make your CTA button stand out:

Use a color that pops out

To make your CTA button stand out, you need to make it visually appealing and attractive. This requires using the right color scheme.  Remember that color greatly influences the perception of the reader, as such it can impact their decision-making behavior. Some of the rules that you should keep in mind before picking up the color of your CTA button are:

  • Avoid using a dull palette of white, gray and black
  • Make use of contrasting colors

Usually, websites use a light color palette for the background that enhances the text and adds finesse to them. As such using a colored CTA button on a light background will immediately grab the attention of the visitor.

The contrasting color palette ensures that the color of the CTA button does not clash with the rest of the background. It should pop out in front of the readers and get all their attention.

Analyze the size

To grab the attention of the visitors, one might think of increasing the size of the CTA button. However, making it big will not solve your problem either. The size of the CTA button should be appropriate as per the text and images used on the page. This should be kept in mind especially while curating content for mobile which is a widely used device for browsing the internet by an average consumer. Yes, users will likely reach your website through mobile, and there, if they encounter an obtrusively big button, they will get annoyed. To sum up, the CTA button should not be too big to obstruct the readers’ view, neither it should be too tiny that the user misses it or is not able to click on it.

Keep it simple and appealing

Yes, CTA’s should be creative to attract attention but you do not need to go overboard. Putting everything out there will confuse the viewer and they will not understand what needs to be done. The overwhelming design of your CTA can annoy the visitors rather than attracting them. Research conducted on different CTA buttons shows that the simple the designs are the more are the chances to get clicks. You must be clear with what you want your content to do for you and that all should sum into your Call-To-Action button. Use a bold color for your button and add a contrasting neutral palate for your font which makes it readable and easy to understand. However, it does not mean that you make it boring. You must keep a balance, the CTA button should look enticing but not overwhelming.

Make use of first-person

An effective content marketing strategy requires you to involve your audience. They feel good when you talk about them and their needs and that goes with CTA’s as well. While forming a phrase for the CTA you must use first person. For example:

“My shopping list”

“Your shopping list”

In the above-mentioned sentences, which one is likely to get more clicks?  Though both the phrases are good, the first one is better as it gives ownership to the audience. It builds trust and excitement among the readers and they would want to see what is in store for them

Keep it short and concise

Again, as previously said, your CTA button should not be overwhelming. Neither make it too fancy nor too wordy as your viewers do not have much time to go through a long, complicated phrase. Tests showcase that CTA’s with a high conversation rate had two to four words.  Keeps your CTS crisp, concise and clear so that the reader picks it up in a single glance. If your CTA requires the audience to take efforts, then you are on the wrong page. If you want a good amount of clicks than ensure that your CTA provides a smooth experience and does not create any hassle for the reader.

The success of your marketing efforts can be determined based on the clicks you get and for that, you must make an enticing appeal to the audience through an effective Call-to-Action button. A lot depends on the CTA’s hence you should not take them lightly. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your Call-To-Action button stand out.

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