Owing to its vast reach and comparatively cheap investment, Social Media is one of the prominent digital marketing tools that businesses resort to. Haven’t ventured into it yet? You are losing some great business opportunities. Social media serves as a popular medium to reach out to potential customers and build a strong connection with them. Studies reveal that over 80% of people have at least one social media account and many of them have over three to four accounts.

Influence of Social Media

It is widely believed that social media not only serves as a medium of entertainment but also influences one’s buying decisions. How? Well if someone is new to a place and looking for some great clubs to hang out in the coming weekend, then it is likely that the person would be checking it out online.

What better is that they can visit the social media site of the clubs, check the ambience, food quality and customer reviews which can help him make a decision. Imagine, if there is a funky club in the region with no social media presence, then how likely it is that the person who is easily able to check other clubs on social media will go to that club? Well, possibilities are quite low which means that a particular club is losing its customers out to its competitors who have a good social media presence.

So by now, you will be clear about the importance of social media marketing  for your business. The next step from here is to choose the best social media channel for your business.

You can pick a few channels that suit your business goal and purpose than trying out every channel. Why? Well, every social media site has a niche. Picking the best ones for your business and curating the content accordingly will be better than trying out everything with no purpose. Auditing content for social media to get favourable results requires a lot of time and dedication. Hence, businesses should choose the platforms according to their requirements.

Below mentioned are the top six social media platforms that can prove to be profitable for your business.


Facebook is the first option that would come in the mind when talking about social media and why not? The site is the most popular one around the world and has a wide user base which makes it the top choice for businesses. Also, the social media site is a great platform for any content format whether it be text, videos, images, stories, etc. As such, many businesses pick Facebook to enter the world of social media. Facts say that over 65 million businesses have been using Facebook pages for social media marketing.

Facebook is easy to work on, however, you need to be sure that the content you create for the social media site should be engaging, meaningful and be able to strike a conversation.


Though Messenger is a part of Facebook it is a standalone app that you have to separately install. Being a part of Facebook, Messenger has the same user base and add to it some advanced features that make it a great channel to promote your business. The advertising campaigns designed specifically for Facebook Messenger can greatly boost your marketing. If someone clicks on your ad, a message will be directed to your business page from where you can start a conversation with the person. It serves as a great opportunity for lead generation.

With Facebook Messenger, you can easily advertise your business, chat with customers, send newsletters and do much more.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform and one of the most used social media site with over 2 billion users. Also, you would be surprised to know that YouTube comes at the second spot as a search engine after Google, its parent company. Search on YouTube is similar to that of Google, hence you can make use of keywords (SEO) to increase your visibility.

With over a million videos being watched every day, it can be said that videos sell. Thus, making a Youtube channel for your business can be a great idea. Provide your customers with informative videos and keep on updating them regularly as it will help build trust among them. It is a cheap and effective way to reach millions of users.


Another popular social media site is Instagram that has around 500 million active users. Owned by Facebook, the social media site has the same user bandwidth and advertising platform, however, it has additional perks as well. Instagram serves as a platform for organic marketing i.e., unlike Facebook you do not have to pay for your posts to reach a larger audience. Instead, it helps you grow your followers organically.

The platform uses visual content which is more impactful than written content and stays longer. Hence, Instagram is gradually getting popular among businesses.


Though Pinterest is not that advanced as Facebook or Instagram, it has its own base of users. It is also a visual platform wherein businesses can advertise their products and services. You can boost your sales with Pinterest paid
ads that let users searching for a product or service lead to you. Further, the social site also promotes organic visibility. You can add-in keywords to your posts that can match with users’ search ensuring organic reach.


Twitter is one of the oldest and popular social media sites that had originally made the hashtags popular. It allows you to post images, videos as well as written content. However, it is more popular for real-time updates. You can easily start a conversation with a simple tweet and get some interesting replies and retweets which boosts your visibility online.

So, these were some of the most popular and profitable social media sites that can help you increase the visibility of your business. Investing cleverly in them can instantly boost your business’s online presence, leading to an increase in brand awareness and sales.

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