The best lesson that 2020 has taught us is that one should always be prepared. With everything coming to standstill, many businesses suffered a severe blow during the difficult time. However, another vital thing that it taught us was the importance of online presence. While online marketing has been in existence for a long time, but it was 2020 when its need was truly felt. With physical shops and stores shut, many businesses have moved online with employees working remotely.

With things taking a rapid turn, it is important to devise a good digital marketing strategy for 2023. Here are some digital marketing tips drafted for you as per the predictions of digital gurus that can help you out in the year 2021.

Interactive Content that engages Customers

Online selling and marketing can be a bit tricky for someone new to the field. One should come up with an interactive content strategy that engages customers and increases their interest in whatever you are offering. Staying indoors, people today have more time than ever to know about you. So make use of the opportunity and offer them ways through which they can interact with you. Add elements to your website that can provide unique experiences and make browsing through your content easier. Besides, your website, social media platforms are a great platform to get the attention of your target customers. You can post relevant content on these platforms that attracts potential customers and stimulates discussion.

Customer Retention

Retaining your customers is very important. No matter your business is online or offline, you need to get customers that will choose you above others. During these difficult times when online presence is getting more and more attention, it becomes important to retain customers. Hence, you need to come up with online marketing strategies that focus on retaining your customers and increase brand loyalty. You can do so by creating bespoke programmes for existing customers or coming up with loyalty offers. Boutique companies with listed members can come up with personalized mailers that make your customers feel privileged.  

Small businesses must focus on existing customers and gaining their loyalty as it requires lesser time, effort, and investment compared to gaining the attention of new customers.

Banking on Micro-Influencers

With social media platforms getting more and more prominence, influencers are also seeing a rise. If you don’t know who influencers are then let me tell you that influencers are people with huge followers on social media. These have gained followers owing to their engaging content and their accounts are obviously quite popular. These influencers are most trusted by their followers and you can bank upon them for your marketing and promotion. Make sure that you tie up with influencers that provide content related to your niche and have the followers that you think can be your target audience.

Tapping into micro-influencers is a great way to get increased ROI with little investment. Also, with the internet taking up on Television and other broadcasting media, it is a smart tactic for today.

Make use of Google Listings and Local SEO

While many big brands have made their presence felt online, small stores can still benefit via local customers as many customers still prefer local stores that can provide what they are looking for easily and without any hassle. Listings like Google My Business are invaluable to businesses especially those which greatly rely on local customers. So keep your Google My Business page updated. You can even post current details or happenings in your store as per the ongoing COVID scenario. It can be quite helpful for your customers. Local SEO is a great way to pop up in search rankings when customers prefer to do localized searches. Hence, you can greatly build upon your customer base through it.

Create Video Content

In the year 2021, what seems to get more attention from your audience is Video Content. Videos are surely a better and comprehensive way to communicate with your target audience. The rise of Youtube over the past years clearly highlights the power of video content. If predictions of online marketers are to be believed then over 80% of online traffic will be governed by Video Content. So, if you haven’t been thinking about video content until now, then it is the right time to change your strategy. You can post interactive videos on your social media channels that can be fun and informative. It is a great way to engage your customers and let them know about your product or service.

Videos instantly capture the attention of the audience. Hence, you must incorporate them in your digital marketing strategy for 2021.

Selling on Social Media Channels

In-app selling on social media has presented marketers with another significant opportunity to showcase their products or services to their audience. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have come up with the concept of seller shops on their platforms. This enables online marketers to directly connect with their potential customers through social media platforms and sell their products. Social commerce is the future of online selling as it greatly reduces the time between searching and buying the product. So, hurry up and check out the options that you can make use of.

Improvising Voice Search

Google has been working on optimizing its voice search option and you must devise your 2021 Digital Marketing strategy keeping in mind the Voice Search functioning. This era is of smart technology and people are excited to incorporate it into their daily lives. Voice search indeed makes works easier and reduces time. So, you should now work on optimizing Voice Search. Make use of long-tail keywords that resemble how people would command google for search and entwine them in your content

The year 2021 marks the start of a new era. The world has had to go through numerous changes in the past year and so has the way businesses work. One thing we learned is that nothing remains constant and to survive, you need to adapt to the changes. Hence, you must optimize your online strategy with changing times. The above-mentioned tips for Digital Marketing in 2021 will surely help you out.

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