Today, everyone is talking about Video Marketing, and why not, this is the year 2021 where people are more likely to tap on a video than go through a whole page of content. Pictures are always said to attract attention, and if you talk about video, it is what the audience wants today. With Video Marketing trending, businesses need to structure their Digital Marketing strategy that includes much more video content at every buying stage.

Why Video Marketing is important for online Businesses?

Video content has seen a surge in past few years. Businesses are venturing into video content for social media channels, creating brand awareness, backend support, etc., owing to the very reason that video content is preferred by audiences today. Research shows that the right video content can increase your conversion rate to around 80%.  Hence, Video Marketing is no longer just a part of a Digital Marketing Strategy but has become the essence of your strategy.

The majority of your audience likes to search and scroll on the go via mobile wherein reading content can be a bit tricky, hence videos become a better alternative providing a better experience.

Today video content is not only used to talk about brands or their products or services but can serve as a better medium of entertainment and customer engagement. Even customers today say that they prefer videos over written content and it greatly affects their buying decision. Hence, you must include video content in your Digital Marketing strategy now.

Types of Video Content

Videos can do much more if you choose to include them wisely in your Digital Marketing Strategy. Below are some of the types of video content that you can try as per your online marketing plan.

Brand Videos

Brand Videos are the most used and heard of video content used by Businesses. As the name suggests, the work of brand videos is to create brand awareness. Through these videos, you can essentially make your audience aware of your company, its values, the work it does, etc. A creative brand video can intrigue the audience to know more about your company.

Educational Videos

Sometimes you want to share more with your audience than just your brand. There goes a lot behind creating a venture, if you have something to share with the audience that you think will strengthen your brand identity, then you can educate them about it via creating educational video content. Like if you are a brand promoting biodegradable products then you can create educational videos telling people about damages caused by non-biodegradable waste, how biodegradable goods are a better option, etc. The audience today, is curious to know more, good educational videos can add great value to your brand.

Demo Videos

Demo Videos as the name suggests, demonstrate how your product works or what experience it can provide. You would find many software companies coming up with demo video content showcasing how you can use their software. It is an easy way to give the potential buyer a relatable experience that can greatly influence their buying decision.

Unboxing videos are another type of demonstration video, commonly used by high-end product providers that can help influence the buyer’s decision.

360° Virtual Experience Videos

Technology has given prowess to your creativity. 360° videos are great for someone who is promoting a location or a place. These videos can provide the viewer a wholesome experience of what it would be like to visit or stay there in reality. Hotel companies, art galleries, and other such service businesses are making use of such videos, wherein viewers can scroll through the entire place and get a feel of visiting it.

Event Videos

Conducting events to promote products is a strategy being followed by brands for years. However, today it is accompanied by creating short videos that give audiences a glimpse of that event. Creating event videos is a great way to reach wider audience and help them learn more about your company or product. Whether it be a conference you are hosting, a business meet, fashion event, etc, there is a lot to share with your customers from expert views to behind-the-scene videos, and much more.

Animated Videos

Well, who doesn’t know about animation videos? Animated video content is one of the massively produced content as it provides the creator complete freedom to go beyond the limits of reality. Not only these videos are entertaining as well as engaging but they make it easy for creators to relay some difficult-to-understand concepts to their audiences. From simple stimulations to 3D animation, businesses are increasingly making use of animation videos as they add a unique charm to your content.

Customer Reviews or Testimonial Videos

Generating brand loyalty is important because your loyal customers act as a link between you and your potential customers. How? Testimonial videos are a great example. If your customers are satisfied with your product, they would not mind giving feedback on their positive experience. Trust me, nothing works better than common people from the audience advocating your product. A simple video with real people sharing their experiences will immediately attract the attention of others.

Personalized Video Messages

Sending mails to your customers with personalized video messages while responding to their queries or giving recommendations is another quick way to engage them with your brand. Adding a personal touch to your service, not only gives the customers a unique experience but they also get to know that you care.

When you create something unique for your customers, they feel happy. And happy customers mean happy you.

So, these were some of the ways in which you can include video content in your Digital Marketing Strategy. You can include these video contents at various levels of your marketing funnel to attract customers and lead them towards the path of making a buying decision. Video Marketing is the present of Digital Marketing, create unique videos to enhance customer experience.

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